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【Review】 成为高效工程师

首先,作者有本书The Effective Engineer。主要亮点是一手的最新的故事和技巧从硅谷创业公司,很多技巧非常实用和有帮助。譬如顶级的软件技术公司, … Keep Reading


翻译自Techies,本文作者陈述了他为什么想关注不同背景的人怎么开始从事这个行业(如年过半百高龄的,换了行业的,身有残疾的,移民的,LGB … Keep Reading


Serendipity 漫谈 peek-a-tab, Tabs Manager for Google Chrome. Search, preview, jump across, and close tabs quickly in your chrome browser. gold-miner项目感觉可以加上一个project,这样文章的翻译进度可以一目了然 (类似于 jira 的 … Keep Reading


commitizen When you commit with Commitizen, you’ll be prompted to fill out any required commit fields at commit time to use AngularJS’s commit message convention also known as conventional-changelog. gitsome git 命令太多(150+ commands,若干的选项),但是用类似于 sourcetree 等 GUI 心里没 … Keep Reading

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