When you commit with Commitizen, you’ll be prompted to fill out any required commit fields at commit time

to use AngularJS’s commit message convention also known as conventional-changelog.


git 命令太多(150+ commands,若干的选项),但是用类似于 sourcetree 等 GUI 心里没安全感? 和 Github 整合良好,在命令查看 Repo 信息,issues 等


Turn your TODO comments into a task board and let do your issue tracking so you can stay in the zone. Just use alt+t while editing a file to see your projects board.

把项目中标注 Todo 的提取出来,并且以 dashboard 形式展示


Trigger notifications when a process completes. Never sit and wait for some long-running process to finish! noti will alert you when it’s done—on your computer or smartphone—so you can stop worrying about constantly checking the terminal.


brew install noti

go get -u

配置通知的类型,除了系统原生的方式,还支持 Slack, HipChat, Pushbullet 等

Put noti at the beginning or end of your regular commands.

If you already started a command, but forgot to use noti, then you can do this to get notified when that process’ PID disappears. noti -pwatch $(pgrep docker-machine)